New Salem Philanthropic Society Sins Sampler

The ‘New Salem Philanthropic Society Sins Sampler’ from the Fantastic Beasts film.

It is real embroidery and Ross did it completely from scratch, and considering this is the first time he tried doing something like this, first time ever picked up thread and a needle I have to say it is jaw dropping.

This is a piece that appears on one of the walls of the New Salem Philanthropic Society chapel in the Fantastic Beasts film and even though for the general public it may seem like just another thing on the set, it happens to have very powerful meaning.

These are like the ten commandments (maybe more than ten) of ‘witch hunters’, and the level of details Ross managed to achieve is just impressive. He not only embroidered it from scratch, he also aged it and framed it (he also aged the frame). On his visit to the WB studios to meet people from the propmaking department, he was told how impressed Miraphora Mina, one of the designers of the original graphic, was with the embroidery.