Set of Hand Made Magic Wands

The following is a set of wands I hand-made during the summer making the most of my dad’s wood turner during my stay at his home in France.

The first one I made is not made out of wood though. For the first time I had a go using air dry clay, which was very cheap over there by the way. I made this design trying to replicate a natural branch.

the nwxt one was turned out of wood and the design is supposed to mime an acorn. It a more simple and elegant design inspired by the aesthetics of Fantastic Beasts. Minimalistic with straight lines in the art-deco fashion.

The third wand I made is a bit more complex. I first used the wood turning machine to get the thick conical shape, then I hand carved the details by hand to make it look like piece from a twisted branch.

I hope you like them as much as I do, and if you would like to purchase them or commission your own, please get in touch. I’m willing to work on your own design or design one based on your requirements (personality, symbolism, etc) for a bit more obviously.