Sin Sampler

This is a copy of the sin sampler which hangs in Modesty Barebone’s room.

I was looking for something new to create and came across an image of the print created by Minalima, on which the film prop is based. I decided that, rather than draw or paint the image, I would create an actual embroidery. I worked out, to the best of my ability, which stitches would most likely have been used for each element and drew the image out onto material.The embroidery itself took about 80 – 100 hours and was all done by hand.

Once I had finished the embroidery, I moved onto ageing the piece. I did this by staining with a combination of tea and very diluted acrylic paint, ironing the fabric between each treatment in order to create depth and to fix the colour.

The frame is the nearest I could find to the one used in the original prop. It is plastic, unfortunately. I gave it an aged look with paint techniques. I think the whole thing looks fairly accurate and convincing.