Visit to the Propmaking Department

As you may have read on Ross’ social media, last month Ross was invited by Mr Jim Barr to visit the Propmaking department at Warner Bros. studios in Leavesden, London. This all came up thanks to Miraphora Mina, from MinaLima (the people who makes all the graphics for the Harry Potter and Fantastic Beasts films) who met Ross last November in the premiere of the ‘Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them’ Art Work exhibition, at the House of MinaLima in Soho. At the Time, Miraphora had a chance to look at pictures of the props Ross had made at home, in a very casual conversation where Ross just popped our his Mobile and showed her. She was quite impressed of the level of quality he managed to achieve working at home with very limited resources, so she offered to get him in touch with the Propmaking Department at Warner Bros. Studios.

Some weeks passed before Ross got news from them, and it was the very Jim Barr who invited him to the studios for a behind the scenes visit, where they chatted about Ross’ work; they even examined the props has made (because he took a few of them for the visit), to finally offer him a 2 week Trainee work experience to see how he gets on with the workload of making a film. (OMG right?)

Well, the thing is that next week, Ross starts his 2 weeks training experience and we have everything we can cross, crossed, hoping that this leads to something big in his career as an artist. I really think he deserves it, and whatever the outcome of this experience, I’m sure it will be great fun and he will learn a lot.

I can only say good luck and lots of success… I’ll be writing soon to let you know how things went…